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Advisory Board

Manoj K. Harbola

Dr. Manoj Kumar Harbola is a Professor in Department of Physics at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. He joined the Department in 2000. He obtained his doctoral degree at the City University of New York, USA, working under the supervision of Prof. Viraht Sahni. Subsequently he carried out postdoctoral research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA before joining the Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore as a Scientist. He is a theoretical physicist, whose chief interest lies in Electronic Structure of Atoms, Molecules and Solids using Density Functional Methods.

K.C. Patra

Professor K.C. Patra is the professor in Civil Engineering Department at the NIT Campus, Rourkela. He joined the institute in June 2002. He obtained his doctoral degree at IIT Kharagpur. His area of specialization includes Water Resources Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering and Irrigation Engineering. He has been a scholar student throughout his academic years of life. He was awarded SAMANTA CHANDRASEKHER AWARD, the Best Scientist Award, instituted by the “Bigyan Academy”, Science and Technology Dept in 2005.

Sudipto Ghosh

Professor Sudipto Ghosh is the professor at IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering department. He joined the Institute in 2004. He obtained his doctoral degree at IIT Kanpur. His research areas include Multi-scale Modeling of Material Processes, New Materials for Batteries, Solidification Processing of Al alloys and Al-alloy based nanocomposites and Mechanical behavior of Materials. He has a prodigious number of publications under his name.

Anshu Bharadwaj

Dr Anshu Bharadwaj is the Executive Director of Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), Bengaluru and is also a member on the CSTEP Board. His research interests are in technology and policy options for India’s clean energy.  He specialises in computational modelling of energy systems.  He is a member of several committees at national and state levels and made important contributions in clean energy technology policy subjects.  He is a former member of the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), (1992 batch – Karnataka) and worked with the Government of Karnataka in various capacities.   He holds a Ph.D from the Departments of Engineering and Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.  He also has a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and a Management degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.

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