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Ed-fIRST aims to raise standards of excellence and achievement for all learners. Innovative approaches to learning, curriculum development, assessment and pedagogy are the key drivers of this initiative. A focus on ‘Whole Child’ and ‘Whole School Assessment’ underpin key domains of interest.


Ed-fIRST aims to educate and excel by creating an end to end outcome focused implementation plan for whole school assessment and Continuous Professional Development of teachers, students and other young people.


There is a need to focus on quality research and innovation in the educational space. This sector needs to equip students and teachers with skills of the twenty first century to address the global challenges. Improving Learning Outcomes, using assessments meaningfully, curriculum design integrated with assessment, Continuous Professional Development of teachers, Whole School Assessment as a quality assurance initiative are the key Areas of influence at Ed-fIRST.

This creates a unique opportunity to focus on the assessment and measurement of Learning Outcomes across a range of educational contexts. Ed-fIRST is an organization that supports its work through strong research practices and wide-ranging dissemination of the findings of these researches.



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